gmail-crypt updates (key generation alpha!)

New Version

I’ve released a new version of gmail-crypt, my extension that allows OpenPGP/GPG encryption in Gmail through a Chrome extension. The biggest change in this version of gmail-crypt is the addition of key generation. This is a VERY EARLY stage key generation, the key ID’s are not calculated the same way as GPG, I’m currently not sure what the issue is. This means that it’s possible you’ll have to regenerate your key in the future!

Encrypted Email in 1 minute

The installation process is basically the same as the old version.

  1. Click Here for the extension.
  2. Click “Continue” when warned about the dangers of extensions
  3. Click “Install” when warned about the permissions for this extension
  4. In your browser click the Wrench(upper right hand)->Tools->Extensions
  5. Click “Options” under gmail-crypt
  6. Click “my keys” tab, then “generate a new key”
  7. Fill in your name and email, click submit
  8. Test it out by sending yourself an email in gmail and click the “encrypt me” lock icon, when receiving the message click “decrypt me” by the unlock icon.
  9. Get your friend to install the extension and see if you can send messages. NOTE: as indicated above, these keys may have to be regenerated in the future.

Concering JavaScript and OpenPGP

Since my last post, there have been several major changes regarding the OpenPGP javascript environment. GPG4Browsers was released, which performs a very similar function to what I am aiming to do. Appearance is the only real difference. GPG4Browsers has taken a different approach by having composition be a separate window rather than the integrated experience I am going for. I believe their design reflects a desire to be easily maintainable. In designing gmail-crypt I want encryption to require as few changes to user habits and as few clicks as possible.

GPG4Browsers however has a very strong javascript base for their code. The other major change has been the creation of the OpenPGPJS project. GPG4Browsers creators and most of the contributors I had mentioned previously and myself have decided to team up to work together to bring a unified OpenPGP JavaScript library.

With the looming creation of a unified OpenPGP library, I will perform minimal work for the time being on my js-openpgp code as I believe it will be rolled into the larger project and then used in this project. The extension has other work that needs done (Options page rewrite, stop draft uploading, allow any text to be encrypted/decrypted)

Hope this can help someone! Let me know other ideas you might have..

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