2009/03/03 – I’ve updated some of the code to work better with YouTube. At the moment however, the AOL video grabbing site appears to be down. The new VLC (at least for mac) does very poor transcoding from the command line which means this functionality may or may not work with newest version. It would appear this project is reaching end of life cycle.
Here is the source code.

2008/06/21 – Apparently YouTube has changed their search format, I’ve updated the source file and will release new binaries when I get a chance.

This is the site for GAMVL, Get AOL Music Videos Leech, which is powered by the GAMV, Get AOL Music Videos, search at GAMVL is a utility written in python to easily acquire and transcode music videos from the AOL music video database into common formats such as the iPod.

GAMVL is copyrighted by Sean Colyer and distributed under GPL V2.0


I have added YouTube support. The program can now search from the top 20 YouTube hits for a given search. You can change which source the program uses by the new dropdown menu. If you have the choice, AOL tends to provide higher quality video. VLC will play or transcode the .flv files provided by youtube.

Search Results are now sorted as well.

I have made some other bug fixes and some better Linux support (OpenGL, still causes problems — if you’re running this program try using as little desktop acceleration as possible)

There were a few bug fixes — unfortunately some videos still are not quite right due to VLC transcoding.

Note: The Mac OSX build didn’t want to work right, so the file is larger than I’d like — will work to shrink it.


This version updates a number of bug fixes and adds some functionality. Now it includes PS3 transcoding support, however as VLC is limited in its divx transcoding, it uses mpeg2. A progress bar for downloads was added. The old instructions still apply:

  1. Unzip the binary (Or run the source if you have python/wxPython installed)
  2. Run / GAMVL.exe depending on your system
  3. Select the Directory you would like to save music videos to
  4. Search and check off the desired items
  5. Check the iPod/PS3 encoding box if you wish to view these videos on your device. NOTE: VLC must be installed, preferably the NEWEST version, for this to function properly, if you have it installed in a non-default location or are running a different operating system, select the “Set VLC Location” from the file menu bar to find the proper file.
  6. If you select iPod/PS3 encoding and desire to keep both the source and iPod video files, check the box that appears.
  7. hit Go/Queue!
  8. Wait for them to finish, and enjoy.

Please leave comments with any problems, suggestions, appreciation, etc.. If you find A BUG or issue, please let me know, I probably don’t know about it.

Here is the source code.

Here is the source code (OLDER- V31).

Here is a Mac OS X binary

Here is a Windows binary

7 thoughts on “GAMVL

  1. One suggestion I’d like to make would be to make the Youtube search optional. Sometimes the Youtube results drown out the higher-quality AOL results.

  2. You can select different sources. By using the Source: drop down box, you can select where you would like the program to search. I’ll have to edit the instructions to be more clear.

  3. How can I import a private key without password? I use a shell script robot to send an encrypted mail, therefor I don’t use password, only the secret – public keys.

  4. Thank you for your quick answer. Sorry it don’t works. It says:

    Mymail-Crypt for Gmail was unable to read your key. It would be great if you could contact us so we can help figure out what went wrong.

    Mymail-Crypt for Gmail was unable to read your key. Is your password correct?

    1. The newest version of Mymail-crypt has much better key reading support, please see if your issues have been resolved now.

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