Gmail is a-changing

It looks like Gmail might be in the process of changing the DOM layout for the site somewhat extensively. It appears that it is re-architecting some of it’s top level elements that will almost certainly break my extension among many others.

As I find out more and am able to address what the issue is, I will post what I find.

4 thoughts on “Gmail is a-changing

    1. I actually pushed an update to the chrome web store to address the issues I was seeing a few days ago. It should show up as Version 17. Are you running this version? If you are what types of issues are you seeing? If not, please update.

      1. This is awesome. Do you accept donations?

        I’d love to encourage continuous development by donating a small token, not much, but hopefully others do the same so that it makes it worthwhile.

        1. That’s great that you’re looking to donate. I’ve been hoping that the project starts providing people real value.

          You can send me paypal to sean at colyer dot name . I hope you continue to use it and let me know if you experience issues.


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